Is DiversiTree Arbor Care a tree service?

Sort of. DiversiTree is a tree care company that works to establish relationships with you and your trees to create management plans that allow us to provide long-term care for your trees with their health and preservation, along with your needs and interests, always on our minds

Does DiversiTree Arbor Care remove trees?

While we are strongly focused on maintaining and improving tree health and tree preservation, we understand that there are some situations when trees pose a hazard to people or property. In those circumstances, we may consider assisting you with a tree removal. We can often retain some portion of the tree so it is still able to provide benefits for years to come, such as slope stabilization or wildlife habitat. Schedule a consultation to see how we can help achieve these goals.

How do you get up there?

DiversiTree uses minimally invasive tree climbing techniques when we prune medium to large trees. The use of spurs (also known as spikes, gaffs, hooks, etc.) is only appropriate during tree removal as they cause severe damage to the conductive vascular tissue of trees and can also spread disease. When pruning, we only implore spurless climbing techniques. We throw or shoot a beanbag attached to a thin, lightweight throwline up into the canopy of the tree. Once we land the beanbag over a suitable tie-in-point, we pull up our climbing line with the throwline, and ascend the climbing line with friction management tools and also climb the structure of the tree. This takes some skill, but can often be much more efficient, safer, and more tree friendly.

Does DiversiTree plant trees?

Absolutely! We love planting trees and (little known fact) there are some guidelines to follow to ensure your tree is planted in a way that will allow for independent stability and a start to a long healthy life. We can plant trees for you or work with you to be your guide on proper planting techniques.

Are there rules and guidelines for trees during construction projects?

Yes! Many cities, counties, HOA’s, and other governing bodies have their own sets of rules for what measures need to be taken regarding trees during construction. We can help you navigate this. In addition to that, a little planning in the beginning can save many thousands of dollars, headaches, and infrastructure down the road. It happens often. We try to save money up front by not hiring an arborist during the planning phase to consider what trees might need to be removed or what measures need to be taken to protect roots of trees planned for retention. Then construction happens, including grading, soil compaction, root damage, etc. And finally, 1-10 years later, trees may become unstable or die and need to be removed - or worse - trees fail due to root damage and cause severe harm to your new home, expensive infrastructure, or your family. The removals or tree protection may have been simple and relatively less expensive during the planning phase, but now post-construction and surrounded by infrastructure, the stakes are often much higher and the jobs become more complex and significantly more expensive. Please consider including a qualified and Certified Arborist during the planning phase and throughout your construction project to do it right the first time. We are experienced in this area and can help with the entire process of your construction project!

What type of process can I expect when I work with DiversiTree Arbor Care?

The process of working with DiversiTree Arbor Care is more similar to working with your doctor or bodyworker than working with a traditional tree service. After all, we are your trees’ doctor that comes to you!
The first step is to schedule an initial consultation. Then, depending on the needs of your trees, complexity and quantity of issues, and your needs; we move on to the next recommended step. The next step may be a “see you next year for your annual checkup”, “we’re going to need to run some tests”, or “we’re going to need to operate” (recommended pruning, removal, etc.).

Why does DiversiTree charge fees for initial consultations?

Why does your doctor charge for their initial consultations? Like your physician, we have spent many years gaining unique knowledge that is important to help support you in taking the best care of your trees possible through education, diverse work experience, continuing education, research, and training. You have lots of tree questions and we have lots of tree answers. When we make the collaborative investment for you to get all your tree questions answered, then we can help you create the best management plan possible for the long-term care of your trees. This creates the foundation required to effectively meet your needs and the needs of your trees. We’ve all been there. We look to the experts for advice, and we place our trust in them. When you call us on how to properly care for your trees, we come to your site to gather information to help guide you through an understanding of what your trees need. Everything in nature is connected and we take into careful consideration all elements of your property when creating management plans for long-term tree care. Taking the appropriate amount of time to do tree work right is invaluable. You deserve to have the peace of mind you are looking for when you place your trust in an expert.