Emily came to our location for a damaged tree assessment and overall tree health assessment. During the inspection I learned that Emily has a unique ideology to tree management. Based on our discussion, she questions the "accepted forestry management" and challenges past management practices insuring the best recommendation for our specific location and use. She educated me about ways to improve our trees, offered options and made recommendations as to what she believed to be the best for each tree. She also suggested testing over time to insure every healthy and safe tree had a chance to survive. I was impressed. Coming from a Technical, Mechanical and Farming background I have come to believe in a universal truth about "cause of failure". I again, was impressed in seeing this principle in Emily's approach to trees, forests and orchards, not just what happened, but Why! and then how to prevent further failure from the "root" cause. I have interviewed many, too many, "arborists" and tree fallers in our local area and Olympia in the last 4 years, DiversiTree Arbor Care is the only one I will recommend. Most or all of the other business's interviewed never offered information about the necessity of a Mason County permit needed. Emily will handle all of this for us and keep us in the good graces of our Local and State Management Services. "There are a lot of them!" I am confident our decision to have DiversiTree Arbor Care help us design and follow a plan for improving our property will be a great benefit to the health of our trees and our impact on the local environment.

Olympia Yacht Club

Diversitree Arbor Care Icon

Emily was very thorough and so willing to explain everything to me. I really appreciate that keeping my trees healthy is her priority.

Andrea S

They are prompt and very courteous when doing their projects. Additionally, they are very knowledgeable of the work to be performed and perform the proposed work in a very efficient manner. Best Arborist we have ever had on our property.

Tim C.

DiversiTree Arbor Care is conscientious and deliberate about the work they do. Communicating clearly and freely they tailor their service to your needs and budget.

Rick and Ellen M.

Emily and crew are professional and personable. They are a pleasure to to work with and willing to educate and discuss the health and caring of trees. We wouldn't have anyone else!

Mary G

Diversitree Arbor Care Icon

I hired Diversitree for a verbal hazard tree evaluation. Emily is very knowledgeable and up to date on tree health and tree care. She communicates very clearly and takes extra steps to make sure her terms and conclusions are understood. She was generous with her time educating us along the way. Emily was a pleasure to work with. Definitely money well spent.

Ann DesJardien

Emily is very careful with all of our trees and shrubs. She doesn’t over cut and skin them like many other “tree cutters”. Emily is always prompt and works very hard. Always cleans up at the end of the job and even when she brings a chipper!

Nina C.

Emily is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain what she's seeing, and why it's important. And while she is clearly passionate about trees, she is also practical in her approach and advisement. We will definitely work with her again.

Kendy R.

Attention to detail and Emily's knowledge of trees, their needs, the effect of excavation near them and her utmost patience to answer my questions in a detail was outstanding.

Evelyn S.

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High degree of professionalism throughout the entire project process - communication, focus on safety, focus on following ANSI pruning standards.

Capitol Campus

Gave detailed quote, arrived on-time on scheduled date (no delays), followed details listed in quote, excellent work, excellent clean up. Would definitely hire again.

Anne C.

I was looking for someone who cared about my tree as much as I do, and I found that with the team at DiversiTree. I am so pleased with the work done and will absolutely recommend them to others. Thanks DiversiTree

Dana W.

Diversitree Arbor Care Icon

Emily at DiversiTree is a fantastic tree professional with good communication skills.

Lakewold Gardens

The whole staff are exceptional. Great communication and professionalism. Emily has extensive knowledge of the forest ecosystem and is great to work with.

Margot C, Shelton

Diversitree did amazing work with our older trees, rhododendrons and camellia. The bidding process was informative and complete. Communication was clear and timely. Their expert work was professional and efficient. We will highly recommend Emily and the crew.

Judy W.

Emily is obviously a dedicated, capable and well prepared Arborist. She and her assistant were on time, courteous, and answered all my questions about pruning trees. The Japanese maple looked much better after they opened up the canopy. I will have her back again next summer to remove two large, ugly trees in the back yard. Thanks.

Frank B.

Diversitree Arbor Care Icon

The level of responsiveness, expertise and care provided to complete our project was excellent. Service was professional and courteous from beginning to end. In an age where this is not always the norm, this was much appreciated!

Edmee R.

Great communication, on time, complete/thorough cleanup after work was done. Knowledgeable about tree health. Good discussion about future needs but no pressure to do more than necessary. We're very happy with the work.

Dana and Rob R.

Emily is amazing! Her thorough explanations and deep expertise gave me confidence about the plans going forward. Customer service is also at a 10! Thank you so much, DiversiTree!

Cheryl S.

Diversitree Arbor Care Icon

We are building a new home in a forest. We wanted someone who understood the implications of construction to our existing trees. Emily was a wealth of knowledge. We changed some decisions we made earlier after learning what would be best for the long term health of our trees--some being roughly 200 years old. We are so relieved that we did a pre-construction consultation. Emily really cares, and she gave us invaluable information so we can move forward with confidence. We will continue to rely on her as a local resource for all our arbor care needs. We highly recommend DiversiTree and Emily.

Randy and Marianne T.

The term "Arbor Care" says it all-- DiversiTree is so much more than a tree removal service. They are attentive to each and every detail, from the potential impact on local wildlife to the health and longevity of our trees. I'm so grateful that we found them and have already recommended DiversiTree to several friends and family.

Andrea Stewart

Excellent trimming of our trees with a futuristic perspective and health of those trees. Great clean up and removal of branches. I found Emily very easy to communicate with regarding a long-term plan for our yard's pruning needs.

Joanne Koenig