In everything we do, we put safety at the forefront.  Our highly trained and skilled team comply with ANSI Z133, applicable OSHA standards, and industry best practices.  This is our culture of safety, always.

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Each tree's pruning needs are different and specific to the tree's site, species, health, vigor, and other factors. We also must take into consideration the safety and needs of the humans who live with and benefit from these amazing organisms we call trees. At DiversiTree, we specialize in creating long-term management plans that consider your needs, peace of mind, and a strong emphasis on tree health. We want to help your trees thrive by providing quality arboriculture that considers all parts of community surrounding your trees. We prune trees in accordance with ANSI A300, current research, and industry best management practices.

Restoration Pruning:

You can’t glue it back on! Our hope is that everyone has access to quality tree care in every situation, but we know that is not always a reality. So, if your trees have become victims of mal-pruning, they don't look like trees anymore, or you’ve had any other pruning frustration then we may be able to help. We offer restoration pruning for trees that have been topped or mal-pruned. We can assess if your trees are still in a condition that can be salvaged and create management plans to move forward. Over time, and with proper care, we can often revive trees that have been improperly pruned to become healthy trees with new character and improved structure that still have hope for thriving, long lives again.

Fine Pruning:

We have joyful connections with Japanese maples, a majestic eye for magnolias, and a doting love for dogwoods. We are skilled in caring for trees of all sizes, but we have a special affinity for fine pruning your small-medium specimen trees of all species and variety.

Fruit Tree Maintenance:

Pruning fruit trees is one of our specialties. Fruit trees require different care than many other tree species and caring for them properly can allow you maximum enjoyment from your fruit bearing trees. Contrary to popular belief, there is an art and science to pruning fruit trees. We consider each species, time of year, tree age and health, pruning history, and client needs when pruning fruit trees. Fruit trees require maintenance and we are here to help provide you with a long-term maintenance plan for pruning and care. We also offer fruit tree pruning workshops if you are inclined to prune the trees yourself but would prefer some guidance.

Large Tree Pruning:

We care for trees of all shapes and sizes. Large trees may need to be pruned for many reasons – risk mitigation, building clearance, view pruning, structural pruning, and many other reasons. We very much enjoy swinging around in the canopies of large trees. We use minimally invasive spurless climbing techniques when pruning. This requires training and skill, but is imperative to maintaining the health of your trees. We follow ANSI Z133 and ANSI A300 in all of our pruning practices to ensure that your trees receive the best care in the safest manner possible. Our staff is also trained in Aerial Rescue to ensure our own emergency preparedness.

Structural Pruning Programs for Young Trees:

What’s that saying? – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This very much applies to trees. Trees can take on structural issues for many reasons such as genetics, mechanical damage, mal-pruning, etc. When we can identify and mitigate structural issues early on in the tree’s life with small cuts, it may prevent a large tear out, hazard, or unrecoverable defect from ever happening. Taking the extra time and investment in small trees can save thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights.

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Knowing is half the battle. Do you have trees that cause you concern? Is your head spinning after being told by neighbors, friends, and other companies that all your trees are dangerous and need to be taken down? Do you just want some insight into the mysterious world of trees? Or are you planning a construction project and need an Arborist Report or just want to make sure you get all the info before you build? We offer unbiased assessments and provide thoughtful, experienced-based information for all your tree needs.

Trees and Construction:

Did you know that we often cannot see the signs of root damage done during construction until 5, sometimes even 10 or more years after the damage? Root damage from construction can cause instability and even death to trees. But this is preventable. It is vital to involve a qualified arborist in the planning stages of construction projects anytime trees are nearby. Sometimes trees need to be removed for construction projects, and other times we can work around them. It is helpful to know the difference. Your City, County, or HOA may require permitting, Arborist Reports and/or arborist involvement throughout your construction project. We can help make decisions in the planning phase, navigate permitting, delineate tree protection zones, and supervise different phases of construction as needed. We are here to help you navigate every part of the construction process when trees are involved.

Tree Risk Assessment:

A Tree Risk Assessment can help you make educated decisions about your trees and provide invaluable peace of mind.
We start with an initial consultation. During the initial consultation, we get the opportunity to get to know you, your property, and your trees – all connected as one community. We also take the time to create a long-term management plan that takes into consideration your needs, as well as the needs of your trees. During the initial consultation, we may be able to answer all of your questions and address all of your tree needs within that visit through a Level 1 or 2 Tree Risk Assessment. However, sometimes we will need to schedule some additional time to gather all the information needed to make the best and most informed decisions possible. Additional visits may involve more time, more technical tools, and/or a need to ascend into the canopy to get a closer look. This process is similar to scheduling visits with your doctor to diagnose what is ailing a human body – we may get a checkup with a clean bill of health, may need to run some additional tests to gather more information, or we may get some recommendations for ways to care for ourselves and improve our health on our own. Whatever the unique circumstance to you and your trees, we can help find innovative solutions to help trees and people coexist.

Tree Health Consultation:

Do you have some burning questions about trees? Do you see some things that don’t seem quite right to you? Do you just want some advice about how to keep your trees healthy or improve your site health for your trees? We love educating tree owners about these amazing organisms that have endless benefits. We are happy to meet with you to discuss anything trees!

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Controlled Removals

Though our work and years of experience with hazard tree removal is extensive, we are focused on tree preservation and work hard to find ways for trees and people to coexist and benefit from one another. We do understand that there are occasional circumstances when trees need to be removed. We encourage you to schedule a Tree Risk Assessment (see above) to determine if removal is necessary or not. In those times when removal is necessary to protect people and property, we do offer this service on a case-by-case basis.

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Wildlife Habitat Creation

As humans continue to grow in population and urban sprawl progresses, wildlife habitat dwindles. Our natural world is an entire community in which each of its components depend on one another. As we continue to claim more wild space for ourselves, creating valuable habitat in our own yards is of increasing importance and is truly a noble endeavor. We can help! Creating wildlife habitat helps critters and provides amazing entertainment and learning opportunities for us as humans, as well. Tree removals often provide the silver lining of wildlife habitat creation. There are many other possibilities for creating habitat in other capacities, as well. When we are on site with you to provide consulting services, ask us how we can improve or create some wildlife habitat for you!

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Tree Planting

Yes, we plant trees! In fact, we love planting trees! Contrary to popular belief, there is certainly some skill, knowledge, and experience required for proper tree planting that results in healthy, successful trees. We work with you to consider appropriate tree selection, location, timing, and long-term care. It all starts with the roots. We only source trees from reputable nurseries, and carefully select trees with healthy roots and structure. Then we use researched methods for proper planting techniques that allows trees to stand independently and grow into thriving, healthy trees. Young trees do require some care during their establishment years, so we arm you with the knowledge you need to nurture your young trees.