Meet the Owner

DiversiTree was founded by Emily Roberts, an ISA Certified Arborist. Emily began her career in the United States Forest Service in 2008 as a sawyer and hazard tree feller. Since then, she has worked with trees in many states across the country with a variety of different forest types. Caring for the beautiful trees, large and small, of Washington State has become her focus. She has Bachelor’s degrees in biology and sociology, and has completed coursework for a Master’s degree in forestry. Emily became an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist in 2015 and an ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor in 2017.

She served as the first female arborist for Washington State Parks. The PNW Chapter of the ISA voted her Tree Worker of the Year in 2019. In 2021, Emily was named PNW ISA's Arborist of the Year. In addition to caring for local trees, she also trains others in the field of arboriculture nationwide, teaching courses such as chainsaw safety, felling, climbing, rigging, and aerial rescue among others. So, you can be sure she takes safety and quality of work at DiversiTree Arbor Care seriously. She has diversified and extensive experience in the industries of tree care and forestry.

Even from a young age, she has been interested in and passionate about trees. Her love for trees shines through her dedicated pursuit of quality arboriculture.


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About the Company

DiversiTree Arbor Care is a specialty contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured. The team at DiversiTree is committed to a culture of safety and offers quality tree care operations with the health of your trees and your best interests in mind. DiversiTree is committed to staying connected with continuing education, training, and skill-building so we can provide high quality and thoughtful tree care services. Let us see how we can help your trees thrive!


Mission Statement

To innovate solutions for people and trees to coexist and benefit from one another through providing the highest quality tree care by continuously growing our understanding of the art and science of arboriculture while keeping safety, integrity, professionalism, and respect at the heart of everything we do.

Company Core Values

  • Quality and ethical arboriculture
  • Commitment to safety and professionalism
  • Perseverance toward excellence
  • Learning, always
  • Consideration for environmental connectedness

Vision Statement

Healthy Communities through Holistic Arboriculture